My neighbor wanted to deceive me

 Last year my neighbor moved toward me saying that he had an arrangement worked out with Verizon to put a cell tower at the edge of his property, which would be a stones-toss from my home. With dollar signs in his eyes, he said they'd reach me to run channel through my territory. I said I'd be glad to investigate their arrangements and think about a monetary deal.

After 3 weeks I'm reached, saying everything is all set and they have a public accountant prepared to come to my home for marks. No plans sent, no proposition, simply a, "Hello! We're all set!"

So I call and request some kind of plans/extent of work for the phone pinnacle and notice I might want to talk monetary remuneration. I'm sent the plans and they had 1/5 of my 2 sections of land closed off for a utility easement, I wouldn't have the option to expand on or ranch the land. With the chance of a result, I keep my self-control and request that they make me a deal… . $800 one-time installment is what they return with.

They would've chopped down different 100+ year old tulip poplars. Cleared into a backwoods to add a cell pinnacle and upkeep building, removing my main view that is stringently nature; I live before a bustling 2-path expressway. I was sufficiently fortunate to observe this land in a creating well known region and as of now have 50 apples trees established w/a huge nursery.

My next answer was in accordance with, "this land is worth definitely more than $800, assuming this cell tower is to be gone through my property, I will require a full Scope of Work, materials list, men and hardware required, and I'll require your evaluations of how lengthy the undertaking will take + a half year since I realize it'll take longer than arranged. At last, in the event that a rented installment plan is not feasible, I can't agree to under a $120,000 one time installment".

They haven't reached me since and my neighbor doesn't wave as much when he drives by. The 4 different families around me are extremely glad that no cell pinnacle will go in.

I ought to explain that my neighbor let me know that they'd be paying him yearly for the following ten years, where they offered me pennies.